Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Use Cases and Deployment Scope

Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is being used primarily for creating firm copies of important documents, to scan in signature pages or use the electronic signing feature, and to export/import to and from a number of other applications such as word, JPEG, etc. A typical business concern is sending out editable documents using Word or similar that may allow others to modify or otherwise alter propitiatory documents. We can lock features with or without passwords where other applications are more difficult to manage in this way. It also some the need to scan in related but separated documents again from non PDF applications. Finally, we can create forms that allow end users to complete.


  1. Easily permits the merging of documents for an easy to use binder or similar.
  2. The ability to create forms is easy. Furthermore, the user can set the fields for repeating information across all pages, such as a person’s name, etc.
  3. Adobe Reader DC can easily limit the receivers ability to print, copy, or edit the document (in addition to or in absence of encryption or password protection). This instills confidence in knowing that we can get information to those that need it without working about modification.
  4. Print to PDF has been invaluable in that we can reduce paper by not having to print then scan to file electronically.
  5. The ability to scan in documents directly to a PDF is also an invaluable feature.
  6. The ability to easily extract parts of a document is far easier than copying and pasting the wanted information into another document application.


  • When creating a forms packet (for example), the user has to manually change the text field names for each area that the user wants repeating data. For example, if we want employee name to repeat 20 times through the document for the purposes of auto filling, the user have to find each field and rename to match. This can be time consuming.
  • Similar to above, once the form has been save, the user must go through the entire create a form process if the user wants to make a change. While not difficult, it would be nice to be able to go back to editing the form more seamlessly.
  • There are obviously a number of features depending on one’s use. the navigation back and forth from these features is a little cumbersome.

Most Important Features

  • Print and scan to PDF.
  • Document merging.
  • Creation of forms.

Alternatives Considered

MS SharePoint

SharePoint uses lists to create forms. This platform is challenging to navigate unless one is pretty skilled in this area. The secondary problem is the challenge for “guests” to access SharePoint and the administrative requirements behind the scenes.

Key Insights

Do you think Adobe Acrobat Reader DC delivers good value for the price?


Are you happy with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC’s feature set?


Did Adobe Acrobat Reader DC live up to sales and marketing promises?


Did implementation of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC go as expected?


Would you buy Adobe Acrobat Reader DC again?


Other Software Used

Microsoft 365 Business Premium, QuickBooks Desktop Premier, Therap Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Likelihood to Recommend

Adobe Acrobat DC is truly one of the most versatile applications that we use based largely in part to flexibility and protection of the documents that we send out. Because the free reader is available, we can be assured that those that need a document do not have to have a Microsoft subscription to open a Word document.

Adobe Acrobat DC is not suited business analytics formulas or other similar applications.

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