Complete Adobe Stock Review.

Complete Adobe Stock Review.

Adobe Stock is available in 36 countries and 13 languages. Though it can’t boast such a long history on the stock photography market, thanks to cool features, Creative Cloud compatibility, clear pricing policy, lots of content, and reputable world-known companies (Adobe and Fotolia) behind it, this service can surpass some analogs as Shutterstock.

Impressive Catalogue

Complete Adobe Stock Review.

Whatever kind of content you are looking for, chances are high that Adobe Stock can satisfy your needs. In general, you can choose between 2 categories of content – Standard and Premium. Both options contain millions of photos and footage.

The main library is full of beautiful photos, templates, 3D models, videos, premium and editorial images that correspond to professional quality standards.

For better navigation, all photos are grouped into thematic categories, e.g. food, family, travel, business, etc. It is believed that the overall number of available files has reached 100 million mark and keeps growing each day because people from all over the world like to feel that they are a part of a fast-evolving company and they constantly submit hundreds of images, videos and more.

At first, Adobe Stock contained only images, but later the developers decided to create the gallery of video materials, which is now accessible from video editing programs like After Effects and Premiere Pro and offers the same preview feature like with photos.

Cheap and Cool Royalty-Free Images

All imagery in Adobe Stock is Royalty-Free. This means you only have to pay for the license once, and you get permanent usage rights for the content. RF is the cheapest stock photo in the market.

This type of license has very few restrictions, making it really flexible and convenient for commercial projects. The company has its own custom terms, but it’s pretty much standard for the Royalty Free model.

This agency also offers an Extended License, at $79,99 per image, which adds some bonus rights necessary for certain uses such as products for resale or a large volume of copies. Extended License is available on-demand only.

Intelligent Search

Complete Adobe Stock Review.

Everyone, who uses Adobe Stock, highly praises its fast and well-designed search mechanism, which is often an issue with other similar platforms. Here, you can forget about irritating and confusing navigation, which often ends up with complete disappointment.

Adobe Company embedded the AI technology into the search engine, and complemented it with a new reverse photo search tool, in order for users to get accurate results in an instant. This sounds great by itself, while prompt image suggestions make the whole searching process even more efficient.

This instrument also has additional bonuses like “Undiscovered” which refers to the assets that haven’t been used by any other person and top-notch filters like depth of field and color.

Creative Cloud Integration

To download the best Adobe Stock images, you don’t necessarily need to be a CC member, though those belonging to that group receive special goodies for Adobe Stock such as smooth integration with your favorite apps.

It allows users to look for a specific photo without leaving the related app, as it can be launched directly from the Library panel in CC applications, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Dreamweaver.

This greatly speeds up the workflow, as you can import the chosen picture directly into the app without prior saving it on your PC. The photo will be displayed in the small library window in your Adobe app.

Besides, you can work with low-res versions of a photo before spending money on the full version, while Adobe automatically applies all the changes you’ve made to the image once you upgrade.

It is also possible to license watermarked previews of Adobe Stock images for Photoshop and other programs directly from the Libraries panel.

Adobe Stock Review Summary – The Best Stock Agency for Creative Cloud

Adobe Stock is still a new player in the stock photography industry, but it walked in with confidence, a robust and unique service, and backed by the reputation of both Adobe and Fotolia.
The sum of these factors added to the great improvements done to the offer constantly since its dawn, and the core feature of its integration with Creative Cloud, make it a very worthy deal for designers, and the perfect choice for those using Adobe’s cloud service.

In the nearly three years since its launch, it has already become a popular resource, and it profiles as a strong competitor to the big sharks in the market.

It’s user-friendly, top technology-driven, highly functional, simply structured, and affordable. What more could you ask for?

Go over to Adobe Stock right now and discover a world of awesome imagery ready to be edited into your designs!

While being a new offer in terms of website and technology, Adobe Stock allows access to one of the largest image libraries. The pricing is simple and caters to different customers’ needs. With the integration into the software which we expect to become even tighter in the midterm, Adobe Stock becomes a major player in the stock content market right at the start.

Frequently Asked Questions –

Shutterstock vs Adobe Stock, which is better?

Both Shutterstock and Adobe Stock are royalty-free stock photo agencies that sell photos, illustrations, videos, and audio files with subscription plans and on-demand with credits or cash.

Complete Adobe Stock Review.

In short, Adobe Stock is better for Creative Cloud users because it provides a smoother workflow thanks to its easy integration into Creative Cloud apps. However, Shutterstock is overall less expensive and has a larger collection of stock images, so it’s better for those who need only stock images.

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